Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds

//Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds

Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds

Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds

Have you ever found swarming termites in your flower beds? Many times they were already there underground, they swarmed to that location, or maybe you brought them home in a bag of garden mulch. Many homeowners have told us they have found termites in bags of mulch brought home from local stores and they wonder how they get in there. Therefore, it makes sense before you buy mulch, to inspect the bag well for any signs of insects or excessive moisture or mold.

The fact is that termites can live anywhere they have an ample supply of food and water. If a mulch bag is moist, consider the mulch is made of cellulose (wood) and thus any termites in that bag of mulch have food and water. Of course, don’t dump a bag of mulch into your flower bed if it contains termites.

The true concern should be about pouring mulch around the base of your home. Any time you pour mulch into a flower bed or on the ground, anywhere at all, you are creating an attraction for termites. Have you found some swarming termites, or signs of a swarm and not sure if you should be concerned? Contact us at Priority Pest Services for a free home inspection. Let us make you our #1 Priority!

Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds Can Be A Sign Of Possible Infestation

Watch For Swarming Termites In Your Flower BedsIf you do see termites swarming in your flower beds, you may notice that not long after they seemingly disappear. Don’t let this give you a false sense of security. If you see signs of termites outside your home, contact the pest control professionals at Priority Pest Services for a free home inspection. Our quality pest control technicians will offer a solution to exterminate those termites and prevent future damage to your home.

It is not uncommon to arrive home and, alarmingly, find an area with pieces of several separated insect wings, or even dead termites. This is a sign of a termite swarm. Once the insects swarm, eventually, they lose their wings and retreat down into the soil, or dark areas of your home’s interior walls.

If you find a bunch of insect wings, or dead insects, save them for identification by our Priority pest control termite exterminators and contact us right away to schedule your complimentary home inspection.

How To Install Mulch In Flower Beds Without Attracting Pests

When installing mulch in flower beds, be sure to keep the mulch approximately 12 inches away from your home’s foundation. Under no circumstances should you place any mulch or soil up to or under the siding of your home.

Although we all see mulch put directly at the base of most homes in the neighborhood, this should not be common practice. Since termites prefer the dark, putting soil or mulch close to the foundation and siding sets up the perfect scenario for termites to travel from the soil directly up under the siding of your home without having to come out into daylight.

It makes sense to wonder what to put up against your home’s foundation if using mulch or soil is not good. Instead, it is preferred to use stone, or similar, to edge around your home’s foundation. Another mistake is to use typical landscape timbers. Wood landscape timbers lying directly on the ground, or even low to the ground, is an attractant for a termite infestation.

Found Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds & Need A Termite Control Professional?

Swarming termites in your flower beds are a signal to pay attention for any signs of infestation. At Priority Pest Services we offer detailed video inspection services to find out exactly where the termites are coming from and why. Once we identify their entry points and details of the infestation, our certified home inspector will create a treatment plan specific for your home. Contact us today at Priority Pest Services to schedule your free home inspection!

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