Is Your Home Prepared For Swarming Termites?

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Is Your Home Prepared For Swarming Termites?

Is Your Home Prepared For Swarming Termites?

Seeing swarming termites around your home is a sign that it is termite season. Termites “swarm” when the weather becomes warm. The purpose of termites swarming is to start new colonies. During termite swarming season, some of the insects develop wings in order to fly in search of a mate and a new home. Later, these winged termites will shed their wings.

Termites usually swarm in the early spring, in warm weather and commonly after a rain shower. Most types of termites will swarm during the day while there are a few that tend to swarm at night. So, these are great times to keep an eye out for any activity in or around your home. If you notice termite activity, contact the termite professionals at Priority Pest Services. We offer free home inspections and estimates!

During their winged stage, termites don’t usually cause much property damage. The problem is that if there are winged termites in your home then they may be planning to stay and create a new colony of wood-chewing baby termites.

Are Those Swarming Termites Or Swarming Ants?

Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds ChesapeakeLike termites, swarmer ants also have wings and it can be confusing to the novice how to tell them winged ants apart from winged termites. Swarming termites have two pairs of wings of equal length. In comparison, swarming ants have two pair of wings of different lengths.

Even though this seems an obvious difference, due to their small size and different life stages, they are not always so easy to identify. Because of the ability for termites to cause extensive damage to your home, and many times in a very short time, it is crucial to act quickly.

If you find any sort of swarming insects in or around your home, it is highly suggested to call the experts at Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523 for a free home inspection. Our professional termite inspections will identify whether you are dealing with termites, ants, or a different insect or vermin.

If You Find Swarming Termites, Call Priority Pest Services!

If you find swarming termites on your property, they can travel on the wind some distance, yet, in most cases, they are coming from somewhere in close proximity. Termites are subterranean insects and come to the surface to swarm. Many times, they could be coming from underneath the ground in your yard, or from underneath the supporting structures of your home, or even from your neighbor’s house.

Other times, termites will live above ground, inside your walls or other building structures. Since these destructive insects destroy wood and can affect the support structures of your home, there is strong concern to remove them as quickly as possible.

To protect your home from swarming termites, get rid of any existing moisture problems. Termites are looking for a water supply for their new colony, so repair any leaking faucets or water pipes. Make sure there are no areas of the roof or yard that are accumulating standing water. Make sure your home has adequate ventilation to help prevent any moisture buildup and to keep humidity levels low.

Termites Cause Billions Dollars Of Property Damage Every Year
Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to property every year. It is well worth the time and investment to protect your home from a termite infestation. When you are dealing with termites, you need the top, local termite extermination professionals at Priority Pest Services.

All of our technicians are trained and certified by the state of Virginia and take great pride in performing termite treatments services to your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free home termite and pest inspection!

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