Termites Making A Meal Of Your Home?

Termites are elusive creatures and it is hard for the average person to know if termites are making a meal of your home. These destructive pests are stealthy and quiet as they chomp away at your wood without your knowledge.

Termites don’t leave much of a trail because they find their meals, and each other, by leaving a chemical called pheromones that are something you can’t smell but other termites can smell. Once they have found a good food source, usually wood that is in a moist place like a basement, they get the message out to their friends and the feasting begins.

How Do You Know If Termites Are Making A Meal Of Your Home?

How you can figure out if termites are making a meal of your home? That is a very good question. For the most part, unless you examine your home carefully and frequently, you won’t know until some easily visible damage has been done. You’ll eventually notice the damage, but you still may not see the termites. Termites are a common reason why people call in our pest control specialists regularly to do an inspection of their home. Let the trained eyes of our pest control specialists be your advantage. At Priority Pest Services, our team can assure you of a thorough home inspection to find evidence of a past or present termite infestation.

Finding a termite infestation in your home quickly is crucial. The damage they cause can become quite costly to repair if left unattended. A routine, annual home inspection can also help find evidence of pests other than termites that you may not have realized were there.

At Priority Pest Services, we specialize in finding and getting rid of termites. We also offer services to treat your home to deter termites from wanting to take future residence. Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!

How Do The Pest Professionals Know If Termites Are In My Home?

At Priority Pest Services, our pest professionals know how to recognize evidence of termites and also know where termites like to hide. An indication of termites could be as minor as a door or window that’s hard to open. Though this could be termites, it can also just be a door or window swollen from humidity.

At Priority Pest Services, our pest control team is trained to find the subtle signs of termite infestation and, with our ability and skill sets in home repair, we can also fix the damage they cause. Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!