The Worst Termite Infestation We Ever Saw

Just hearing the words “termite infestation” causes most homeowner’s hearts to race. There is nothing worse than having your home invaded, attacked and eaten up by termites. Let us tell you about one of the worst termite infestations we have ever seen. The spread of the insects was massive with active termite damage to just about every wall of the house.

Upon inspection, we could not believe what we saw. Termites where everywhere throughout this house. They were eating the drywall, and even has eaten the entire back of a picture frame that was hanging on the wall. The house had not been inspected properly for pests in more than ten years. Unchecked, the termites had caused thousands of dollars in damage that the homeowner is going to have to fix before the house falls down.

This nightmare termite infestation is why it is so important to have a plan for inspection and prevention of termites and other pests. Unchecked, termite colonies can quickly and easily reproduce and number in the thousands. Don’t let your home become the chosen location for a new termite colony! Contact Priority Pest Services now to schedule your free home termite inspection!

Termite Infestation? Call Priority Pest Services!

We really felt sorry for these home owners. It was a horrible situation for them. Fortunately, now they won’t have to worry about experiencing a termite infestation like that ever again. We got rid of the existing termites, performed our quality termite treatment, and fixed all the damages. Now, the home is on schedule to be inspected once a year to assure there is no further pest activity and deter any future occurrence.

This situation of severe termite infestation just goes to show that calling for a free home inspection, from Priority Pest, can really help you and your home. Remember, your home is your biggest investment. Don’t ignore the need for routine monitoring and let the termites eat it away. Have regular home inspections performed by our professional pest control experts of Priority Pest Services. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your complimentary home inspection!