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A Bad Termite Infestation – Protect Your Home!

The Worst Termite Infestation We Ever Saw Just hearing the words "termite infestation" causes most homeowner's hearts to race. There is nothing worse than having your home invaded, attacked and eaten up by termites. Let us tell you about one of the worst termite infestations we have ever seen. The spread of the insects was [...]

Termite Damage Can Be Severe

Termite Damage Can Be Severe Although termites may not inspire a sense of fear to some people like spiders and snakes will do, the dangers of termite damage should be one of the scariest when it comes to your home. Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage every year. Due to their subterranean [...]

Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds

Swarming Termites In Your Flower Beds Have you ever found swarming termites in your flower beds? Many times they were already there underground, they swarmed to that location, or maybe you brought them home in a bag of garden mulch. Many homeowners have told us they have found termites in bags of mulch brought [...]