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How Destructive Are Termites?

How Destructive Are Termites? If you ever wondered how destructive are termites, you need to only ask a homeowner who has had to deal with them. Termites are a pest that you do not want in your home and, if you get them, you definitely want to get rid of them right away. Each [...]

How Termite Treatment Works

Wondering How Termite Treatment Works? Many homeowners ask us how termite treatment works. Termites are one of the most feared pests, as they cause about $5 billion in property damages in the United States every year. Termites eat constantly and a well-established colony can easily include over 1 million workers. While do-it-yourself methods may [...]

What Causes Termites?

What Causes Termites To Want To Come Into My Home? What causes termites to come into our homes? This is a question no one wants to be in the position to ask. However, it is important to realize that even if you have termites in your home, you are not the first and there [...]