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Dangers Of Trapping Rats On Your Own

The Dangers of Trapping Rats on Your Own There probably are very few people on the planet whose favorite wild animal is the rat. In turn, many will not risk the dangers of trapping rats. Regardless, some will try do it yourself methods. Rats are not particularly pleasing looking, especially wild rats, and can [...]

Rodent-Proof Your Shed For The Winter

Rodent-Proof Your Shed For The Winter If you want to rodent-proof your shed, you have a tricky scenario on your hands. Securing your shed, garage, crawlspace and the inside of your home from mice, rats and other rodents is not an easy task. They are master break-in artists. Since most sheds are free-standing buildings, [...]

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Animal In The Wall?

Animal In The Wall? Is that an animal in the wall? We have all heard it at some point or another, a strange scratching noise late at night. By the time you hear the scratching and animal sounds in the walls, there is no question that there is an animal in the wall! As [...]