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Are Mice Hiding In Your Home?

Why Are Mice Hiding in Your Home? In the warmer months mice have an abundance of what they need to live, but in the colder months you start to wonder are mice hiding in your home? Most people know that mice don’t hibernate. They are active all year round. But, like any other animal, [...]

How To Prevent Rat Problems

How To Prevent Rat Problems Wondering how to prevent rat problems? When you have rats, you want them gone as soon as possible. Delays in addressing any rodent problem will not make the problem go away, and can definitely make the problem worse. Rats left unattended can cause substantial damage to your home from [...]

Rats Can Attract Snakes

Why Rats Can Attract Snakes The fact is that rats can attract snakes, and that can be scary! To find out what attracts snakes or rats to your home, it is best to consult a wildlife specialist who understands more about their nature and habits. Although it is common to think that snakes or [...]