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How To Prevent Rat Problems

How To Prevent Rat Problems Wondering how to prevent rat problems? When you have rats, you want them gone as soon as possible. Delays in addressing any rodent problem will not make the problem go away, and can definitely make the problem worse. Rats left unattended can cause substantial damage to your home from [...]

Roof Rats And Mice

Roof Rats, Mice & Other Rodents Why do roof rats and other types of rodents want to invade our homes? Simply, they want to find the best shelter with nearby food and an ample water supply. Unfortunately, our homes ideally meet those requirements. The bottom line is that we should be educated about roof rats and mice so we [...]

Rodent-Proof Your Shed For The Winter

Rodent-Proof Your Shed For The Winter If you want to rodent-proof your shed, you have a tricky scenario on your hands. Securing your shed, garage, crawlspace and the inside of your home from mice, rats and other rodents is not an easy task. They are master break-in artists. Since most sheds are free-standing buildings, [...]

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