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Are Mice Hiding In Your Home?

Why Are Mice Hiding in Your Home? In the warmer months mice have an abundance of what they need to live, but in the colder months you start to wonder are mice hiding in your home? Most people know that mice don’t hibernate. They are active all year round. But, like any other animal, [...]

What Else May Be Eating Your Cereal

What Else Might Be Eating Your Cereal? Many people have prepared a bowl of cereal without even thinking about who or what else may be eating your cereal. That’s because you buy your food at a reputable store, packaged by a reputable company and you made sure that the box was sealed. When you [...]

How To Keep Flies Away

How To Keep Flies Away Wondering how to keep flies away? There are dozens of do-it-yourself fly repellents that use everyday ingredients from the pantry. Perhaps there is a more reliable, professional way to keep files away. Using an expert fly control service from Priority Pest is the most effective method to exterminate an [...]