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Importance Of Winter Pest Control

Importance Of Winter Pest Control Winter pest control is especially important to consider. It is the time of year most pests are trying to escape the cold. Pests don't just die off in cold. Some go dormant and others will want to get into your home for shelter since the weather is always better [...]

Spring Pest Problems | April Showers Bring Pests

Spring Pest Problems Spring pest problems come in-hand with the warm weather and blooming flowers. It's the balance of nature and we are at its mercy! Effective pest control efforts exceed far beyond simple spraying and trapping those unwelcome insects and rodents. There is often a negative residual effect from the pests that frequent [...]

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Best Norfolk Pest Control Exterminator Services

Best Norfolk Pest Control Exterminator Services We are your top local pest control Norfolk Exterminator! Free home inspections! Call us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule your appointment today. Priority Pest Services of Chesapeake, Virginia is a full service pest control and pest maintenance company. Free home inspections! Call your top local pest exterminator at [...]