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Spring Pest Advice

Pest Advice Listen to this valuable Spring pest advice from Priority Pest Services in a past interview on The Hampton Roads Show. Wet and cold weather is the season for termites to go underground and then swarming begins at the end of the cold season. Once it begins to warm up, it brings the [...]

Christmas Tree Pests

Get Rid Of The Christmas Tree Pests! Once Thanksgiving is over, sometimes without a thought to Christmas tree pests, the tree growers start to set up for the Christmas tree lots they either run or supply. People, stores and candy makers begin to turn to Christmas, the next family holiday. When you shop for [...]

When Do Squirrels Have Babies?

When Do Squirrels Have Babies? Most people are familiar with squirrels, but few wonder what time of year squirrels have babies? You see them everywhere, running on lawns traveling the telephone lines and chasing each other around the neighborhood. Some people find squirrels cute, but most look at them as yet another pesky rodent. [...]