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The Value Of Pest Control Insulation

The Value Of Pest Control Insulation The value of proper home insulation is something that cannot be ignored. Pest control insulation is designed to help protect your home against certain pests. It is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved product that often contains some fire-retardant properties. If your home is over ten years old, there [...]

Spring Pest Advice

Pest Advice Listen to this valuable Spring pest advice from Priority Pest Services in a past interview on The Hampton Roads Show. Wet and cold weather is the season for termites to go underground and then swarming begins at the end of the cold season. Once it begins to warm up, it brings the [...]

Roof Rats And Mice

Roof Rats, Mice & Other Rodents Why do roof rats and other types of rodents want to invade our homes? Simply, they want to find the best shelter with nearby food and an ample water supply. Unfortunately, our homes ideally meet those requirements. The bottom line is that we should be educated about roof rats and mice so we [...]