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What Else May Be Eating Your Cereal

What Else Might Be Eating Your Cereal? Many people have prepared a bowl of cereal without even thinking about who or what else may be eating your cereal. That’s because you buy your food at a reputable store, packaged by a reputable company and you made sure that the box was sealed. When you [...]

Birds In The Attic Ruffling Your Feathers?

Birds In The Attic Birds in the attic can be a stressful and frightening ordeal. Maybe you don't want to hurt the bird by trying to shoo it out, but you can't leave it there. Maybe you are afraid of birds and trying to get it out yourself in just out of the question. [...]

Spring Pests | Coming Out Of The Woodwork

A Plethora Of Spring Pests There are plenty of spring pests that come along with warmer days and blooming tulips. Termites, ants, birds, squirrels and clover mites (tiny red insects) are the biggest nuisances expected Spring of 2018 in Hampton Roads. Birds that nest in the spring won't hesitate to set up camp in [...]

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