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Importance Of Winter Pest Control

Importance Of Winter Pest Control Winter pest control is especially important to consider. It is the time of year most pests are trying to escape the cold. Pests don't just die off in cold. Some go dormant and others will want to get into your home for shelter since the weather is always better [...]

Pest Control Treated Insulation Helps Keep Pests Out

What Is Pest Control Treated Insulation? Have you heard of pest control treated insulation? This is the most effective insulation to deter bugs. Depending on where you live, regular insulation may suffice; if you live in damper conditions, maybe not. At Priority Pest, we are not just a pest control expert, we are also [...]

Snake Removal

Snake Removal & Prevention Snake removal and prevention can be a complex job but that makes sense because snakes and people have a complex relationship. Some people like snakes but most would still not want to find an uninvited snake in or around their home. At Priority Pest Services, we do not offer snake [...]