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Are Mice Hiding In Your Home?

Why Are Mice Hiding in Your Home? In the warmer months mice have an abundance of what they need to live, but in the colder months you start to wonder are mice hiding in your home? Most people know that mice don’t hibernate. They are active all year round. But, like any other animal, [...]

Roof Rats And Mice

Roof Rats, Mice & Other Rodents Why do roof rats and other types of rodents want to invade our homes? Simply, they want to find the best shelter with nearby food and an ample water supply. Unfortunately, our homes ideally meet those requirements. The bottom line is that we should be educated about roof rats and mice so we [...]

Where Do Mice Hide? | Sneaky House Mouse

Where Do Mice Hide In Our Homes? Where do mice hide when they are cohabitating with you against your will? How do you get rid of these tiny freeloaders that aren’t paying rent? House mice love to camp out in basements, attics and crawlspaces. But keep in mind that piles of clutter around your [...]

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