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Spring Pest Advice

Pest Advice Listen to this valuable Spring pest advice from Priority Pest Services in a past interview on The Hampton Roads Show. Wet and cold weather is the season for termites to go underground and then swarming begins at the end of the cold season. Once it begins to warm up, it brings the [...]

Make Drain Flies Go Away

Drain Flies Go Away! Drain flies are a fairly common problem in kitchens and it is good to know how to make them go away. Insects are fascinating and what’s most interesting is how they manage to get into your house. The windows are closed, the doors are closed and yet they manage to [...]

Do Dehumidifiers Really Work?

Do Dehumidifiers Really Work? Do dehumidifiers really work when it comes to keeping your crawlspace in good condition? If sized and installed properly for the space, yes, they typically do a great job. The less moisture in your crawlspace, the better! To clarify exactly what this is and how it works, consider that the [...]