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Spring Pest Advice

Pest Advice Listen to this valuable Spring pest advice from Priority Pest Services in a past interview on The Hampton Roads Show. Wet and cold weather is the season for termites to go underground and then swarming begins at the end of the cold season. Once it begins to warm up, it brings the [...]

A Healthy Crawl Space Makes a Healthy Home

A Healthy Crawl Space Makes a Healthy Home A healthy crawl space is crucial to guarantee that your home has the proper protections and to keep areas monitored that are normally out of sight and out of mind. We highly suggest keeping an eye on your crawl space to help keep your home healthy [...]

What Makes A Healthy Attic?

What Makes A Healthy Attic? A healthy attic, or an unhealthy attic, can tell you a lot about your home. A routine home inspection by Priority Pest Services will keep your attic happy and healthy. Our free home inspection covers your attic, any basement or crawlspace areas, and all living spaces of your home. As most [...]