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What Type Of Cockroach Is Infesting My Home?

What Type Of Cockroach Is Infesting My Home? What type of cockroach is infesting your home? You may answer, "Who cares - get it out!" and we know how you feel but, actually, knowing what type of cockroach you are dealing with is the key to formulating an effective removal plan. So, the first [...]

Roaches Infesting Your Home?

Roaches Infesting Your Home? Roaches infesting your home? Chances are you are not alone. Surprisingly, there are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches and, of these, less than one percent are known to be a nuisance to humans. Regardless, one percent is one percent too much for most homeowners. The species that seem to [...]

Exterminating Cockroaches

Exterminating Cockroaches Exterminating cockroaches is not suggested as a do-it-yourself project. With most home and over-the-counter remedies, they usually come back. When it comes down to it, most over-the-counter pesticides might put a dent in the population but are just not good for a long-term solution. In actuality, the best pest control treatment plan [...]