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Free Crawlspace Inspection

Inspect Your Crawlspace Want some good advice from your local pest control experts at Priority Pest Services? Inspect your crawlspace at least once a year! Watch Devon Pilkington of Priority Pest Services talk about the importance of knowing what is going on in your home's crawlspace in an interview on WAVY TV 10's, The [...]

Why Do I Need A Professional Home Inspection?

Why Do I Need A Professional Home Inspection? You need a professional home inspection for many reasons. It is so important that just about everyone will advise you to get a professional home inspection, especially if you are purchasing a new home. The problem is that after the purchase, it is not on many [...]

Are Termites Blind?

Are Termites Blind? We are frequently asked the question, are termites blind? You may think this is a silly question, but it isn’t. The fact is, most termites are blind. To adequately answer this question and those that follow, like how did they find my house if they’re blind, you have to understand how [...]