How To Get Rid Of Snakes

Every homeowner could benefit from knowing how to get rid of snakes. At Priority Pest Services, one of the most common problems we see with snakes is that they like to go under our homes and seek shelter under porches, into our basements and crawlspaces and even into our homes! The most common place we find snakes in the house is in the crawlspace but we have found them in a variety of places.

Snakes are reptiles and this means they cannot internally regulate their body temperature. As they move from place to place, they tend to frequent areas that will help them maintain optimum body temperature. The protected space under the floor of the house can be quite comfortable for a snake whether it be for shelter from inclement weather, or because those warm heating pipes in the wall feels so good if you wrap your snake body around them a few times as you settle in for a reptilian nap.

If you have even known someone with a snake as a pet, they will vouch that snakes are escape artists. On that same note, snakes are also experts at finding their way in, too. At Priority Pest Services, we have gotten calls for snake removal services and have dispatched and found them in a variety of places, in toilets, lying in various places on the floor or just hanging out in the garage. Regardless of where you find a snake in the house, beware. Snakes can be dangerous even if they are not poisonous.

How To Get Rid Of Snakes The Right Way!

Want to get rid of snakes the right way and deter them from returning? The best solution is to figure out how and where the snake got in and make sure that area is secured. Sometimes how the snake got in is obvious like an unsecured crawlspace door or vent. Other times, it is not apparent how the snake got in and that is where Priority Pest can help. We are experts at pest control and exterminator, so we know how to get rid of snakes.

We offer free home inspections to help you determine what areas of your home need attention and we are also licensed Class A Contractors who can take care of any pest, or related structural damage uncovered during your inspection. Contact us today to schedule your free home inspection!

Get Rid Of Snakes Now – Call Priority Pest!

A snake in the house can be scary and dangerous, especially if there are children or pets in the family. Our professional, trained snake removal experts at Priority Pest Services are standing by, ready to dispatch to your home to remove the pest and secure your home from future infestation.

During the colder months and in the extreme of summer, we tend to get an increase in calls about snakes inside the home. During these seasonal changes, it is crucial to maintain a consistent barrier of protection against snakes and other pests. For a quality, complimentary home inspection and expert snake removal services, call Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523!