Silverfish In The Sink

If you find silverfish in the sink, it’s not because they are haunting your pipes. They usually live outside under rocks and behind bark, but when they come inside, they are commonly found stuck in sinks and tubs because they can’t crawl up the smooth sides. When they do come inside, it is usually not by accident. They are seeking their ideal living conditions of high humidity.

These tiny, elongated, silver-colored insects are basically harmless because they don’t carry disease or attack humans. However, they can be very destructive to things in your home. Fabric, dry starchy foods, wallpaper, stored mementos like photo albums and scrapbooks, and book bindings are tasty meals for silverfish. A pest control specialist from Priority Pest can verify whether there is excess moisture attracting these pests, or if there is some other reason why they moved in. Contact our pest control experts to schedule a complimentary home inspection!

Silverfish In The Sink Could Be A Sign Of A Bigger Problem

The reason you see silverfish in the sink is because they are attracted to moisture and warm, dark places. Seeing silverfish inside could be an indicator that there is a moisture problem in your home. These pests flourish in hideaways found in our kitchens, bathroom and laundry rooms. They thrive in environments that exceed a level of 75% humidity, and this is more than adequate moisture to foster more serious conditions like mildew, rot, or worse.

The best defense against silverfish is being proactive. Finding silverfish in your home could be an indication of a moisture control problem. Unsafe humidity levels in your home should be remedied immediately to avoid further damage, and to avoid serious health issues. Your best defense to keep silverfish out of your home is to routinely monitor and keep the humidity level in check. At Priority Pest Services, we know all about silverfish and other pests, and we know how to remedy moisture control problems. Get rid of silverfish with a free home inspection from Priority Pest Services.

Call Us To Get Rid of Silverfish In The Sink!

Don’t leave silverfish in the sink to crawl around your pipes at night! When they do find their way out of the pipes, they can destroy fabrics, wallpaper, and many other personal belongings. Humidity attracts them, then they eat your stuff! Also, there may be conditions fostering mildew or other dangerous spores that need immediate attention.

It is best to have your home inspected as a precaution to letting humidity get out of control. Priority Pest offers services to remedy a silverfish, or any other pest, infestation and deter future activity. We are licensed Class A Contractors with experience in sump pumps, French drains, and other moisture control solutions, and we offer free home inspections. Call us at (757) 204-4523 and schedule this valuable inspection today!