Silverfish Can Be A Sign Of A Moisture Problem

Yes, silverfish can be a sign of a moisture problem. If you are noticing more than a few silverfish in your home, assume they are not there by accident. There is a reason they decided to take residence. Silverfish are annoying yet they could be considered a minor pest problem. On the other hand, a home moisture problem is a serious problem that can cause serious damage and needs to be resolved immediately.

Think of silverfish as a possible indication of a deeper problem in your home. Don’t ignore their presence. They prefer areas with moisture levels of 75% to 95%, and that is high enough for mold to thrive. We know that no homeowner wants mold growing in their home.

To protect and maintain the value of your home and belongings, you need to find out why the silverfish took residence in the first place. At Priority Pest Services, our pest control professionals are trained to detect presence of, and evidence of silverfish, and other pests and vermin. Priority Pest Services is your best top pick for a local home moisture control specialist in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We can test your home’s moisture levels to identify any areas or issues of concern.

Proper Home Humidity Levels Are Crucial

Unfortunately, keeping your home at proper humidity levels is not an option for a homeowner, it is an absolute necessity. Depending on the situation, your home may need a dehumidifier system to achieve and maintain safe levels.

At Priority Pest Services, we offer services to help you solve your home’s moisture problems. From French drains, to vapor barriers, encapsulations and dehumidifier systems, Priority Pest Services will help you protect and maintain the value of your home. Contact us online or give us a call at (757) 204-4523 to schedule your free home inspection!

To deter silverfish from infesting your home, one must remove any food and water sources and lower humidity levels to a safe minimum. To do this, repair any leaky pipes, resolve any other moisture problems and get rid of any moldy or wet wood. In the kitchen, keep food items, especially flour and cereals in tightly sealed containers. Remember, silverfish can be a sign of a moisture problem in your home. Don’t ignore their presence!

Silverfish Don’t Just Eat Paper!

The problem is, silverfish don’t just eat paper. They will eat a lot more things that most homeowners realize. They have been known to eat hair, certain paints, plaster and even family photographs! To keep them from wanting to take residence in your home, keep flours, cereals and similar foods in sealed, airtight containers, and frequently vacuum carpets and upholstery, and clean all flooring.

To deter silverfish and keep your home safe from moisture related damage, minimize moisture levels in your home. Start with a free home inspection from Priority Pest Services. We are your local home moisture and pest control experts. Give us a call at (757) 204-4523!