Sill Beam Repair

Sill beams! One of the most important pieces for the structure of your home. They are not called load bearing beams for nothing! That is why, if moisture has attacked them, or termites have eaten them, you will have to do some sill beam repairs. Sill beams carry all the weight throughout the home, and if you need sill beam repair, and do not address them, you could find your home in a lot of trouble. Cracks will start to appear from the ceiling, or from the top of a door jam. Your home will begin to sink in certain areas, making your floor uneven.

When we do our sill beam repair, we remove everything that is damaged and replace with brand new. We do not sister up against the old sill beams damage like some other companies. We bring in our metal beams and 30 ton jacks, so that we can lift the house. When we say lift the house, we are not lifting it but maybe a half inch. This lets us cut out and remove each bad sill beam, with the load being off of it, and then we slide in our new salt treated (pressure treated) beam so that even the termites and moisture cannot attack them again.

With our Class A Contractor license, at Priority Pest, we know what we are talking about and how to complete your sill beams repairs the right way. Contact us for a free home sill beam inspection!

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