Pier Support Systems

Does the floor in your home need a lift? Is it sagging in some places, or feels bouncy when you walk on it? Or better yet, when you walk across the room you hear stuff rattle on a desk or mantel? Sounds like your home needs a pier support system from Priority Pest.

Some homes, especially older homes, are built on 13 foot to 16 foot spans between the load bearing beam. Over time, they settle and bows in the floor start to happen. Some companies do pier support repairs using metal jacks, or they just leave a oil pressure jack under the home. The bad thing is that, over time, the metal jacks will eventually rust out, and the oil pressure jacks will lose pressure.

With a pier support system from Priority Pest, we build all new concrete footings and stack the concrete (CMU) blocks with new salt treated 6 x 6 sill beams on top. This way, you have a support system that will last as long as your house. With our Class A Contractors license we know what we are talking about and how to get the job done the right way. Want to know how your pier supportĀ is looking? Contact Priority for a free home pier support system inspection!

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