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Termite Treatments

All of our technicians are trained and certified by the State of Virginia to perform termite treatments. We hold safety meetings every week to ensure that our termite treatments are being done efficiently and properly around your home or commercial building. Our termite technicians take great pride in their work and it really shows when they are performing our termite treatments.

One of the keys to properly treating for existing termites is to find their entry points. In the Hampton Roads area, there are three types of foundations where termites can enter:

  • Crawl Space
  • Concrete Slab
  • Basement

We do detailed video inspections to find exactly where the termites are coming in from and why. Once their entry points and locations and are identified, a certified home inspector will come up with a termite treatments plan. A technician will be given the plan, and instructions, so that you can know for a fact that he is going to do what the inspector told you needs to be done to get rid of the termites in your home. Our approach to termite control can save you money on your biggest investment, your home. Protect your home by ridding and protecting it from termite damage with a proper maintenance plan of termite treatments.

We also have one of the strongest termite warranties in the business! Contact Priority for the details.

Termite Basics

Termites cause $5 billion worth of damage to homes in the U.S. every year. This is why it is so important to make termite inspection and prevention with properly timed termite treatments a crucial part of your yearly routine home inspection. A colony of termites can number in the thousands but they do not all look the same, as each of their roles in the colony may cause you to see certain kinds of physical characteristics at certain times of the year.

There is always a king and queen termite at the center of the termite colony. The termite queen’s sole purpose is to reproduce. Some termite queens can live for up to thirty years. The termite workers are blind and wingless, and these termite workers make up the largest proportion of the colony population. Termite workers are found mostly in the infested wood of the home. This is because the termite workers build the colony’s home structures, they conduct repairs, and they also forge for food and care for other termites in the colony.

On the other hand, the soldier termites are sterile, wingless and blind, and their sole function is to defend the colony from enemies. The winged reproductive termites, also known as swarmers, eventually leave the colony and swarm to a new location. The swarmers, after moving to a new location, shed their wings and pair up with a mate to reproduce, to start new colonies. Make sure to have a certified technician perform your home termite treatments to assure proper application and safe handling, and an effective lasting protection.

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