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Termite Letters & Moisture Reports

We offer moisture and termite inspection letters and reports for all the people buying or selling their home, and even the realtors out there. We have our own real estate division, here at Priority Pest Services, dedicated to all of you to help you get what you need quickly and efficiently.

Our staff of awesome secretaries are standing by, ready to help get your termite letters and moisture reports to you when you need them for closing. We have several inspectors to handle your termite letters and moisture reports needs. We will send an inspector who will make you their #1 Priority, and will jump right to the home you need inspected. We know that your inspection, or closing, is a timely event, and if you need a termite letter, you need one quick. Our capable fleet of Priority Pest vehicles and trucks are standing by, ready to get our inspectors to your home quickly and promptly. Let us make your our #1 Priority, and get the job done on the date you need.

Just try us out once and I promise you will want to call us again. We offer free home inspections, and our moisture and termite letters and reports are only $50!

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