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Free Home, Termite & Moisture Inspections

At Priority, we offer FREE home inspections for termite, other pests and moisture issues! Some people are suspect of free home inspections, as they are just leary of the word “Free.” They think that nothing is really for free, and that is true in many way. Also they might think if a company is offering free home inspections, than it probably is not that great an inspection anyways. When we do our FREE Home Termite & Moisture Inspection, it is the best in the business.

We take live video and pictures, and date the wood for that time of inspection so you know that it is your house. We also take our time and look for all kinds of different things, such as duct work maybe not being connected, plumbing leaks you might not have ever known of, or maybe a animal living under there. You will hear us underneath the home hitting the wood to check the integrity. Because our eyes tell us one thing and the screw driver tells us another.

If your house is on a slab, we go to every inch of the baseboard visible and accessible, and tap along it listening for a solid sound in the wood to tell us that it does not have termites. What you do not want to hear is a hollow sound. A hollow sound could mean termites. Last but not least, we write up a detailed report, letting you know what we have found that might need to be corrected and/or to prevent future damage.

Remember, it is better and less expensive to be proactive then reactive. So, contact Priority today for your FREE Home Termite & Moisture Inspection!

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