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Free Home, Termite & Moisture Inspections

Some people are suspect of free home inspections simply because they are suspicious of the word “free.” Also, they may assume that what a company is offering for free is probably not high quality. When we offer a FREE Home Termite & Moisture Inspection, we give you the best in the industry because we know that is the only way to earn your business, should you need our services.

We take live video and pictures, and date the wood at the time of inspection so you know the pictures are of your house. We take our time and look for many different indicators of damage to your home that may need to be addressed. You will hear us tapping the wood under your house to check its integrity against termites, and we will also check for such things as disconnected duct work, plumbing leaks under the house, or evidence of an animal living there.

We will spare no methods when it comes to giving you an accurate assessment of the condition of your home. We write up a detailed report, letting you know what we have found that might need to be corrected, and how we can prevent future damage.

Remember, it is better and less expensive to be proactive then reactive. So, contact Priority today for your FREE Home Termite & Moisture Inspection!

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