Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are becoming a big hit in the crawl space industry because of the volume of water they can move out of a area. At Priority Pest, we have over 40 years experience with sump pumps systems and installations. Sometimes, in certain crawlspaces, we have seen that neighborhoods were built on old swamp grounds, and they are constantly having water drawn seep from the ground into the crawl space. In some cases, people live on the water where, when high tide comes in, and there is a bad storm at the same time, their crawl space floods. Another big factor to look at when you have a flooding problem is to consider the grading of your yard. The grading from your yard to the crawlspace could be source.

At Priority, we install sump pumps the right way. We make sure that each sump pumps project design includes the proper size pump for the house, and affected space. We start our sump pump projects by using a basin, three feet tall by three feet wide. Then, we dig a hole under the house for the basin, and we spread the left over dirt, from the basin dug hole, in some of the low areas under the home. Next, we fill up the basin with gravel, so that only clean water is sucked up in the pump. To finish off the basin area, we drill holes in the basin to allow water to flow.

Next, we dig trenches under the home, all leading back the basin. This way we know that all the water will be diverted to the pump. Then, we have a master electrician hook up the wiring, while we run all the plumbing. Finally, we run the end of the line to a ditch, so that when the sump pump system disperses water, it will not affect your yard. Of course, we always call Miss Utility before digging.

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