French Drains

French drains are trench filled with gravel containing a perforated pipe wrapped in cloth, to filter water and redirect surface water away from the house. At Priority, we install the french drains up against the foundation of the home catching all the water trying to weep through underneath the slab or into the crawlspace. You really want to make sure that the grade of your yard is not letting water sit up against the foundation. Poor grading can lead to many problems.

Here is something to consider. One of the biggest concerns, say you just had a termite treatment from us, and we mix the pesticides at a 0.05% with water. If you let the water sit up against the foundation and do not take care of the problem, it will quickly dilute the pesticides. So, now the money you have spent on that treatment just went to waste. Another concern is standing water in the crawl space; we all know that is never good. Standing water causes fungus growth, termites, and rotting wood.

We know that each house is different, so the inspectors draw up a customized graph for each home, pointing out the areas of concern where water is, or could be, leaking through the foundation and causing problems under the home.

We take great pride and care in how we dig our french drains. We always have Miss Utility mark the yard for any gas lines, cable, electric and etc. We know some yards have the best grass in the neighborhood, and we don’t want to ruin all your hard work. So when we dig, we lay plastic out next to the trench and pile all the dirt on our tarps, and we cut the sod out carefully before digging the drain trenches and set it aside while working, and replace it when we are done, so that when we are done you cannot even tell we were there. We do make a point to leave the dirt with a small hump, a bit higher than the area not dug, so the sod will settle nicely and back to a level normal with the yard.

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