Moisture Control

This is the biggest thing for a home. Moisture can ruin a home in a matter of months with fungus, wood rot, structural damage and termites because they need moisture to live. So, we offer moisture control services to make sure your home does not have any issues that could cause moisture damage, or attract termites or other pests.

One of our moisture control specialists will evaluate your home with moisture meters. This will tell us, and you, what areas are bad and what needs to be addressed. Then, the moisture control specialist will draw up a customized plan for your home. This way, when the technicians arrive, they know exactly what needs to be fixed. As a home owner you should always do a home inspection once a year, and have a moisture control specialist make sure your moisture levels are okay.

Once we figure out what you need, we can take about whatever services will fix your moisture problem. We offer all the moisture control services you might need, depending on your situation, including:

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