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Attic and crawl space insulation are the most important insulation in your home. The temperature of your crawlspace can affect your heating and cooling costs, and if your insulation services are not done and maintained properly, it can cause moisture damage and attract pests. Often, crawlspace door and crawlspace vents are overlooked, and these can be the weak points in your home, where pests can enter, or humidity is not controlled, and the stage is set for moisture damage to occur.

If your home is not insulated properly, you may notice that the temperature is not consistent from room to room, or season to season. Some rooms may be warmer than others in the summer, and colder than others in the winter. If you notice this in your home, the reason is because your insulation is uneven in some areas, or their is not enough insulation throughout the attic and crawl space.

At Priority Pest Services, we offer thorough insulation services, covering standard inspection, installation, and removal issues, in addition to handling insulation problems due to termites, other pests or moisture damage. Learn more about each of our most common insulation services using the following links:

No one likes laying in bed at night and hearing scratching up in the attic, or feeling that cold draft in your favorite, cozy chair in the family room. Whether your attic has some extra unwanted residents, or if the problem is just an insulation issue to help with heating and cooling, or just to minimize the drafts, Priority can certainly handle that for you.

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