How To Rodent Proof Your Home

Want to know how to rodent proof your home? The first step is to start with a thorough interior and exterior home inspection. This includes inspecting from your home’s foundation all the way up through the roof line. Any holes that are large enough to allow a rodent’s entry should be sealed. Mice can enter gaps and cracks as small as the diameter of a dime. So, be sure to check areas like foundation edges, siding, and corners.

To keep rodents and other vermin away, always promptly remove garbage and clutter from the home. Keep any exterior refuse in properly sealed containers until trash day. Be sure to empty the trash containers on a frequent basis, to avoid attracting rodents in search of food.

Rodent Proof Your Home Inside

There are many things you can do to rodent proof your home inside but some are more effective than others. The trick is to remove their food supply and shelter. If rats and mice don’t have food and shelter, they won’t want to stay. Determine where they are getting food in your home and remove that food supply immediately.

Rodent Proof Your Home From MiceDon’t leave food or water out at night. Clear pet bowls of food each night before retiring. Don’t store food items on the floor and make sure all are tightly sealed. Be sure to routinely clean the floors in your home to remove any dropped food items or crumbs. Clean under all appliances on a frequent basis, especially the stove and refrigerator.

Find out where the rats are assembling and then call us at Priority Pest Services, your local professional exterminator. Give us the details you have about the rodent infestation, as that can help us troubleshoot the problem quicker. Most rodent problems are resolved much quicker, and with less damage than a do-it-yourself method, when a professional exterminator like Priority Pest Services is in the loop.

Rodent Proof Your Home Outside

Check the exterior spaces around your home for any areas or rubbish, or overgrowth, where rats or mice might be living. Make sure that any exterior sheds or similar buildings are also protected.

Raised structures should have wire mesh blocking entry underneath for shelter. Many times it is best to continue the wire meshing a few inches into the ground, to avoid the potential for pests to attempt to dig underneath it to gain entry. Raise firewood piles 12 inches, or higher, off the ground and store it outside and away from your home.

If you think you have rats or mice, inside or outside your home, don’t wait! Call us today for help! If they are there, we will find them and serve them an eviction notice. Contact Priority Pest Services today to schedule your Free Home Inspection!