Do You Have Musophobia?

If you have musophobia you better hope you never get mice. Why? Because musophobia is a fear of mice. You could have it because of a bad experience in your childhood or you could just hate little rodents running around your house.

Most people don’t like mice, but not all people are afraid of them. People suffering from this phobia are the ones that will jump on a chair if they see a mouse. Those without the phobia may try to catch the rodent to help calm the person standing on the chair, but they may quickly discover that catching a mouse isn’t as easy as it seems.

What If You Have Mice And Musophobia?

If you see a mouse in your house, whether you have musophobia or not, you should act quickly. If you only see one, it may be just scouting for a new house. If you see multiple mice or mouse droppings, they may have decided to make your house their new home.

The problem with a few mice in your home is that it can become a major infestation fairly quickly because your home provides everything the mouse needs: food, water, shelter, and a cozy place to breed. The quicker you act to remove the mice from your home the better off you are. Mice are clever and they can sneak into a crack or hole that is the size of a pencil width. Your best bet is to contact the pest control professionals at Priority Pest Services.

What Will A Pest Control Company Do That I Cannot?

A mouse infestation is no fun for someone suffering from musophobia. At Priority Pest Services, our pest control professionals know where to look for mice, know their habits, and are trained to find and get rid of them, and secure potential entry points to deter future entry. Since we are a licensed home contractor, we also offer services to repair the damage the pests leave behind.

Don’t suffer having to deal with a mouse in the house, especially if you have musophobia. Give us a call at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!