Animal In The Wall?

Is that an animal in the wall? We have all heard it at some point or another, a strange scratching noise late at night. By the time you hear the scratching and animal sounds in the walls, there is no question that there is an animal in the wall! As you listen to the scratching and scrabbling of small feet, you wonder what damage these annoying pests have already done, what the animal is and how you are going to get it out of your walls.

Mice and rats tend to frequent inside the walls or our homes. These protected spaces are ideal for the needs of rats, mice and other rodents. Additionally, squirrels can make their way into a home, looking for a nice place to make a nest. Many squirrels will be interested in an unsecured attic vent or eave but we have found them inside the walls of homes, too. When these pests come inside, they could be looking for a place to have babies and add to the family but they also could bring an infestation of other pests like lice or fleas.

If a pest is inside your home, you can be certain that it is damaging something not to mention it is urinating and defecating within the walls of your home! Hearing an animal in the wall is a clear sign that you need a professional pest control company like Priority Pest Services. We are pest controls experts and we know how to get that animal out of your wall and secure your home and repair any damages. Contact us for a free home inspection!

Indicators Of An Animal In The Wall

It makes sense to be concerned about hearing animal noises in your walls. An animal in the wall will cause damage and you want to get it out right away to minimize that damage. The best way to get it out quick is to figure out exactly what is in your walls. To be sure of what animal you are dealing with, you need a professional trained pest control expert. At Priority Pest Services, we offer free home inspections to find out what’s bugging you! Contact us to schedule a free home inspection.

At Priority Pest, our pest control inspectors and technicians are trained to identify how the animal got inside the wall, how to get it out and how to protect the home from future intrusion. We look at things like identifying and securing new holes or enlarged openings around pipes or utility feeds where pests could enter, loose or damaged screens and any other situations that could be better protected to keep pests out. Type and location of scratch marks, droppings and smells help us identify what type of pest is in your home and formulate the best plan to get it out quickly and with minimal damage.

Do You Have An Animal In The Wall? Call Priority Pest!

The best way to identify the animal in the wall is to contact our professionally trained experts at Priority Pest Services to do a thorough, free home inspection. We know pests and we know how they are wired. Chances are, if you are hearing one, there may be more! Having Priority Pest on your side will help to identify and eradicate the pests quickly.

Let our expertise be your advantage! Our pest control professionals know that mice and rats are nocturnal and more active at night while squirrels are diurnal and more active in daylight hours. Our pest control expertise gives you leverage against these pesky home invaders. We know how to get these pests out of your home.

At Priority Pest Services, we offer free home inspections to identify the animal in the wall and formulate the best plan to remove it, secure your home from future infestations and repair any damages. Do you think you might have an animal in the wall? Call Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection.