The Dangers of Trapping Rats on Your Own

There probably are very few people on the planet whose favorite wild animal is the rat. In turn, many will not risk the dangers of trapping rats. Regardless, some will try do it yourself methods. Rats are not particularly pleasing looking, especially wild rats, and can have a horrible yet much deserved, reputation. Most people, if they had to choose a favorite rodent might prefer squirrels, who are also rodents, but can look kind of cute and playful.

In truth, rats are very smart and adaptable animals and they are shy when their environment changes. Once you place rat traps, the rats may shy away from them. You must use the proper bait to attract them, in the proper amounts, and you also have to place them in the proper, strategic locations or they will avoid them altogether, bait or not.

A rat infestation unchecked can cause a substantial amount of damage to your home in a short time. Trying to trap rats on your own can also be dangerous to your person and family, as exposure to these pests, potential bites, and their droppings can cause sickness in humans and pets. When it comes to dealing with rats, we suggest to not attempt a do it yourself method. Instead, contact Priority Pest Services at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!

Physical Dangers Of Trapping Rats

You wonder how it can be dangerous to try and trap rats on your own if so many stores sell rat traps and rat extermination products over-the-counter to non-professionals? First, let’s consider the traps alone. Certain traps, like snap type traps, have springs so strong they can smash or break a finger if you aren’t careful. You also have to be careful of the placement, whether it is a snap trap or a poison trap, of which there are several types. You want to make sure you place them so children and pets can’t get to the poison, or the danger of springing the trap. If you are trying to catch rats inside your house, like in your attic, the dangers can become even more complex.

Due to the dangers and hassle of trapping rats on your own, it is best left to the pest control professionals at Priority Pest Services. Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!

What Other Dangers Are There?

If you finally do catch a rat you have to be extremely careful when you remove it from the trap. Always wear gloves and do not handle the rat with your bare hands. Also, use gloves when setting them as well, so your scent isn’t on the trap. Rats, their urine, feces and their bodies can all transmit various diseases including parasites. This is why we highly suggest the help of our pest control professionals to get rid of the rats. At Priority Pest Services, we know the proper methods and precautions to use when trapping rats.

Some homeowners may feel achieved to successfully trap a rat invading their home. They tend to look at the result that the rat is gone but the concern should be more about why and how the rat got in and is there any more rats in your home, and were you exposed to dangerous germs or bacteria from the rat’s visit? These are the things that our pest control professionals can address and remedy that many homeowners cannot.

If you have a rat problem, we highly suggest scheduling a free home inspection with our pest control specialists. Use our expertise and make it your advantage! Choose to save your time, money and minimize damage to your home by contacting Priority Pest Services. Contact us at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!