How To Keep Trash From Attracting Raccoons

If you are having furry masked midnight visitors rummaging through your garbage, you may be wondering how to keep trash from attracting raccoons. Some think that raccoons are a type of rodent but they are not. They are actually members of the bear family, and they are prone to carry diseases like rabies. Unlike some of the smaller nocturnal creatures, adult raccoons are medium to large-sized mammals that can easily flip over a trash can. To avoid raccoons getting comfortable on your property, be sure to properly close and seal your trash containers. Remnants of certain “people” food is a delicacy that is hard to resist.

If you are having trouble with a raccoon in or around your home, Priority Pest Services is standing by ready to dispatch to your home to perform a free home inspection. We will help you get rid of the mischievous raccoon and implement a plan to deter raccoons from returning. Give us a call today at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection!

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If raccoons frequently explore your trash, they will also start investigating the rest of your yard and home. You do not want these animals finding a loose screen or vent and moving in to have babies or leave pellets on your property. Even if they are harmless now, they could contract a disease and bring it “home” with them. A raccoon tipping trash cans is a minor annoyance, but the damage a raccoon can do once inside an attic or crawlspace can be catastrophic.

To help keep raccoons out of your yard and home, minimizing their access to “free people food” can help to deter raccoons from wanting to visit our homes. Besides our trash, they also like to eat eggs, nuts, berries, bugs and insects, so keeping them out of our trash cans doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t cause a problem. Having your home and yard treated for insects that raccoons snack on gives them less to be attracted to, so eliminating the bugs can help eliminate the raccoons as well.

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