Subfloor Repair

Subfloor repair is not suggested as a do-it-yourself project. Have you ever had a soft floor in the bathroom, or anywhere in the house? If a floor feels squishy and unstable when you walk across it, you might need a new subfloor.

If you have ever had the misfortune of attempting such a repair by yourself, you may soon realize that the project is more work than you anticipated. Don’t worry – you are not alone. Replacing a subfloor is not advised as a one-man, do-it-yourself project. To repair a subfloor properly, you need a professional team with expertise in a special combination of pest management and building contractor skills.

Since it is common for subfloor damage to be caused by termites, other pests, or excessive moisture levels in or under the home, subfloor repair falls right in our line of expertise. Our high-quality inspectors and technicians at Priority Pest Services of Chesapeake, Virginia know how to identify what caused the damage to your subfloor, help you fix that damage, and take preventative measures to minimize any future subfloor or related damages.

Subfloor Repair By Priority Pest Services

To be done correctly, subfloor repair is best done only by professionals trained in how to maintain the structural integrity of the flooring. Depending on the design of your home and the area the subfloor repair is needed, removing and replacing the damaged subfloor and related building materials should be done in a certain order, in a certain way.

Subfloor repair should be done only with specific safety precautions and by a Licensed Class A Contractor like Priority Pest Services of Chesapeake, Virginia. If a subfloor is failing in your home, there is a reason why. The reason needs to be determined and the subfloor needs repair. If it is due to pest infestation, past damage, or moisture issues, it is ideal to have a pest control professional on site to assess the situation with a trained eye.

If either a termite infestation or moisture damage is at play, then you need to contact the professionals at Priority Pest Services. When you are in need of professional pest extermination, removal and preventative services, call us to resolve the problem.

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At Priority, we replace subfloors all the time. We must say, we are very good at it, too! Let us complete your subfloor repair and give you confidence back in your floor. We understand that feeling as though you are going to fall through the floor at any moment is not a good feeling at all!

At Priority Pest Services, we are a Licensed Class A Contractor. We know how to fix your subfloor the right way. Let our home professionals fix your subfloor and help you maintain and increase the value of your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free home inspection!

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