Structural Repairs – Use A Certified Class A Contractor!

At Priority Pest Services, we are a Certified Class A Contractor, #2705136533 in Building Classification. So, when it comes to structural repairs, we know what we are talking about. Our staff of state certified inspectors will let you know the condition of your home. Our free home inspection report will give you a list of exactly what needs to be addressed. We utilize independent engineers, according to project specifications, to oversee all structural repair jobs so our clients are assured that the repairs are done safely and meet code requirements.

Priority Pest Services only uses pressure treated wood for all the repairs that are made to your home because it will act as a barrier to help deter termites. Our structural repairs focus on:

We also help with foundation systems for homes that may have sinking problems, or cracks running up a wall. Uneven flooring can be sign of a potential foundation problem. Contact Priority Pest Services for a free home structural inspection, to assure protection and preservation of your most cherished investment, your home.

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