Other Pest Services

Are you having a problem with other pests besides termites? No worries, we can help. Because we know that each home is different, we offer several options for home pest extermination and pest treatment. We also offer several different pest control maintenance plans to treat and protect your home. Call us today for a FREE home inspection!

Priority Pest Control Maintenance Plans

Plan 1: Quarterly

  • Pest treatment performed every three months
  • This is the most popular plan for homeowners in Hampton Roads

 Plan 2: 60 Day

  • Pest treatment performed every two months
  • This is for homeowners who might be experiencing a bad infestation

 Plan 3: Monthly

  • Pest treatment performed every 30 days
  • This type of service is more for commercial accounts but some homeowners prefer this plan

 Plan 4: As Needed

  • The “as needed” pest treatment plan is where you call us only when you are in need
  • This service is helpful for some homeowners who might only need a pest treatment every now and then

Priority Pest offers pest control services for termites and other pests. We also offer related structural repair, moisture control, crawlspace and attic insulation services. Serving Coastal Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, the Peninsula and Williamsburg.

Seasonal Home Protection Guide

Certain times of the year bring particular pests and related problems. Here in the Tidewater, and Coastal Virginia, area we have a lot of moisture problems due to the high humidity. There are also many pests that you will want to watch out for throughout the year. Of course, all homes should be monitored for termites. Termites are a big concern for most homeowners, and Priority Pest is here to help kept your home safe from these damaging pests.

Use the home protection guide below to learn what times of the year you should watch for and protect your home from certain pests, related problems, and address any moisture and insulation issues. identify and focus on keeping certain pests out of your home, and minimize any related pest or moisture damage.



In the U.S., termites cause $5 billion worth of damage to homes every year.

Termite problems can occur any month of the year.

We offer FREE home termite inspections. Ask about our termite protection plans.


Improper home insulation causes moisture damage and attracts pests.

Fall and Winter are common times for insulation problems.

Call Priority Pest for a FREE home insulation inspection.


Moisture causes fungus, wood rot, structural damage and attracts pests.

Moisture can ruin a home in a matter of months.

Priority Pest suggests yearly home inspections to look for moisture damage.

Common Ants

Whether carpenter, pharaoh, or fire ants, all are a widespread nuisance to home owners.

March through October are usually when ants will enter the home.

If ants are causing structural damage to your home, or are just a nuisance, Priority can help.

American Cockroaches

Samonella and other infections can be spread by roaches.

Homes are vulnerable to American cockroaches all months of the year.

Call Priority Pest to rid and protect your home from American roaches.

German Cockroaches

Roaches can cause poisoning or allergic reactions.

German cockroaches can invade a home any month of the year.

Priority Pest specializes in removal of German roach infestations.


A female house mouse can birth about six babies every three weeks.

Homes are vulnerable to rodents all months of the year.

Priority Pest knows where to look for the house mice and roof rats, and we get rid of them.


Fungus can grow at a relative humidity greater than 55 percent.

May through October are common times for home fungus problems.

Priority Pest offers home fungus inspections and treatments. Call today to protect your home now.


Black widow and brown recluse bites can be quite dangerous and even fatal to humans, or pets.

May through November are key times to be aware for spiders.

The spiders in your home have no chance to flourish with Priority Pest on your side.

Because we know all homes are different from one another, we offer a few different options for our pest control services. Contact Priority, and we will come out for a free inspection, access the situation, and make a customized plan just for you and your home to fix the problem the right way. Let us make you our #1 Priority!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a horrific pest. Bed bugs can get into your home from catching a ride on you, or your belongings, from movie theaters, planes, buses, hotels, or other public places. Anywhere a lot of people come and go is a place that might be prone to bed bug infestations.

A Bed Bug inspection from Priority Pest includes careful inspection and pest treatment of your mattresses, including seams, beading, under buttons, labels and corner protectors. Also, we inspect your bed frame, wooden slats, bed posts, and headboard. We thoroughly check your bed side furniture, other furniture, luggage racks, and especially along seams and buttons, wooden joints, electrical fittings and all your home appliances. Bed bugs can hide underneath carpet edges and behind loose wallpaper, or paint. Key areas we inspect are wall hangings, picture frames, wall mirrors, curtains and rods, books, behind electrical conduits, cracks and joints in the ceilings and ceiling moldings. Other important areas to inspect and exterminate are linens storage areas, laundry areas, and adjoining rooms, above and below.

Do you think you might have Bed Bugs? Give Priority Pest a call today for a professional Bed Bug removal and pest treatment service. Get your home back comfortable and safe from the Bed Bugs. Call Priority Pest for a FREE home inspection!

We also offer related structural repair, moisture control, crawlspace and attic insulation services. Serving Coastal Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, the Peninsula and Williamsburg.

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