Pest Control Services

Your pest control services are covered at Priority Pest. We can help with rodent intrusion, roaches, spiders, fleas, bed bugs and other pests. At Priority Pest, all of our technicians are trained and certified to perform quality pest control services by the State of Virginia.

Our weekly safety meetings ensure that our pest control services are being done efficiently and properly in your home or commercial building. The technicians here at Priority Pest take great honor in helping homeowners maintain and increase the value of their homes through proper treatment, and their pride shows in the workmanship and customer service they provide.

Some of our most requested pest control services follow. Use the links to learn more about each:

Pest Control Services In Hampton Roads, Virginia

Different seasons in Hampton Roads, Virginia bring different insects and pest. We suggest a yearly home inspection and routine professional pest control services to cover all the bases and avoid these creatures pestering you. Let Priority Pest make your home pest-free and hassle-free!

At Priority Pest Services, we offer more than just pest services. Problems like home moisture damage, fungus problems and home insulation projects are some of our specialty areas of expertise.

Once you schedule your free home inspection, our professional pest control technicians will dispatch to your home to find and identify the nuisance and define a solution to get rid of it. The technician will ten report the plan to you with suggestions on how to remedy the problem. We will give you detailed estimates of what work needs to be performed and how and when we will complete your project.

When it comes to pests or moisture damage, it is crucial to stop the infestation as quickly as possible. Acting quickly and diligently will help to minimize damage and repair costs. Give us a call today at (757) 204-4523, or contact us online, to schedule an appointment for your free inspection!

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