Vapor Barriers

At Priority Pest Services, we take great pride in creating exceptional vapor barriers underneath homes. Even though no one may ever see our vapor barriers and be able to say, “Wow, that looks amazing,” you can be confident that having Priority Pest Services design and install your home’s vapor barrier is the right decision.

Here at Priority Pest, we leave your crawl space better than new. We use 6 mil material for our vapor barriers, as opposed to the 4 mil material that is typically used by many other companies. The thinner barrier material eventually ends up ripping and tearing.

We also stake down all vapor barrier material throughout the crawl space so the material does not bunch up and get ruined the next time someone enters the crawl space. Do not waste your investment on inferior material and improper installation; get your vapor barriers installed properly by our expert professionals.

A vapor barrier system from Priority Pest Services of Chesapeake, Virginia, is the right approach to helping your crawl space combat the high moisture in our Tidewater area. You must keep your crawl space dry if you want to avoid pests and moisture damage. Moisture damage can destroy the structural integrity of your home and can lead to serious health concerns. What are you waiting for? Get a professional vapor barrier system from Priority Pest Services today!

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