Fungus Treatment

Does your home need a fungus treatment? You might not be familiar with treating for fungus, but we are! Fungus can grow at a relative humidity greater than 55 percent, and we all know it gets very humid here in Hampton Roads, Coastal Virginia. Fungus is a key problem in this area, and it is essential to prevent it in your home.

Every home could benefit from a fungus treatment because the treatment will last longer than your home, as long as it is not washed off. The treatment solution is made up of three components: sodium, borate and water. It is also very safe and will not harm you, as just the bugs and fungus are true dangers. Fungus can set up the perfect conditions to attract termites and other pests to your home.

A home fungus treatment is also considered a good preventative for termites. At Priority, we apply the fungus treatment to all the exposed wood under your home with a fan spraying process. We suggest every home should have a treatment because breathing in fungus can be extremely bad for your family’s health. Call us and we can set up a free home inspection, to see if your home would benefit from a fungus treatment.

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