Dehumidifier Systems

If you are a home owner, we are sure you have heard this from Priority Pest, or another company. Homes really can benefit from dehumidifier systems because not maintaining proper humidity (for example, in a crawlspace) can lead to high moisture levels. With a high moisture level comes such things such as growth of mold, mildew, mites and other pathogens.

Crawl space vents DO NOT WORK. Crawl space vents only drag the hot humid air that we love so much here in Hampton Roads, Coastal Virginia, into our crawl spaces. If you do have crawl space vents, here is a fact for you. The air that is under the house is hot and moist, and we have duct work trying to blow our conditioned air into our living space. When hot air meets cold air, condensation starts happening. Without a dehumidifier system, the process of condensation starts, and you will have the stage set for moisture damage to happen.

Fungus needs 70% relative humidity to grow; however this is a loose number. Some fungus can grow at less humidity. A sealed crawlspace with a dehumidifier is the best solution to preventing high energy bills, termites, fungus growth, mold, mildew and related odors, cold floors and rotten wood.

Our dehumidifier systems at Priority Pest are the worry-free solution for your crawl space and they are installed by trained professionals. We also do a yearly check up on the unit to change the filter and make sure it is on the proper setting for your home.

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