Crawl Space Insulation

Attic and crawl space insulation is the most important insulation in the home since the temperature of your crawl space can affect your heating and cooling costs. If insulation is not installed and maintained properly, it can cause moisture damage and attract pests. Crawl spaces and the insulation, doors and vents that protect them are often overlooked. These can be weak points in your home where pests can enter and, if humidity is not controlled, the stage is set for moisture damage to occur.

If your home’s crawl space insulation is not done properly, you may notice that the temperature is not consistent from room to room, or season to season. Some rooms may be warmer than others in the summer, and colder than others in the winter. If you notice this in your home, the reason is because your crawl space insulation is uneven in some areas, or their is not enough insulation throughout the attic and crawl space.

RATS, MOISTURE and FUNGUS! These are the reasons the insulation in our homes get ruined every year, and the crawl space is where a lot of this damage starts. Your home’s crawl space is one of the most important, and most overlooked, areas of the home to be inspected. You should be sure to have your crawl space inspected on a routine schedule, to make sure all is well. If you have not looked at your crawl space lately, Priority can help.

During a crawl space inspection from Priority, we look for signs of fungus on the wood and treat where necessary. We also use a product called DSV (a disinfectant) on any rodent urine or feces stained areas. We make sure we clean the crawlspace out thoroughly, and then we lay down a new 100% coverage vapor barrier and address any other areas of concern before completing the job by installing new R-19 insulation. We remove all contaminated insulation and replace with all new R-19 insulation.

At the same time, we also check for signs of entry where the rodents are coming in, or signs of past entry that need to be secured. We check for signs of moisture damage to the subflooring in areas where wet insulation has been in contact with the subflooring for an extended time. With a crawl space inspection by Priority Pest, you are in the hands of professionals and we will take care of your home like it was our own.

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