Crawl Space Doors

Crawl space doors insulation is a most important factor in the home since the temperature of your crawlspace can affect your heating and cooling costs, and if not installed and maintained properly, crawl space doors can cause moisture damage and attract pests. Often, crawl space doors and crawl space vents are overlooked, and these can be the weak points in your home, where pests can enter, or humidity is not controlled, and the stage is set for moisture damage to occur.

If your home is not insulated properly, you may notice that the temperature is not consistent from room to room, or season to season. Some rooms may be warmer than others in the summer, and colder than others in the winter. If you notice this in your home, the reason is because your insulation is uneven in some areas, there is not enough insulation throughout the attic and crawl space, and/or your crawl space doors need some attention.

Have a crawl space door that does not latch properly, not insulated well, or has open vents? Give Priority a call for the best solution to keep out pests and control the temperature of your crawl space. At Priority, we only use top of the line crawl doors and foundation vents that will withstand every season with no worry of rot or rust.

Our crawl doors are rodent proof to keep your crawlspace from being a place rats or mice call home. They are FEMA rated for flood insurance. The foundation vents we install are controlled by the outside temperature, and automatically open and close, as needed. This is a great feature for the homeowner because you do not have to do it manually, and worry about when you should open and close the vents.

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