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Attic insulation services are one of the most important insulation issues in your home because heat rises and, in most cases, all of your ductwork runs through your attic. If your attic insulation services are not done and maintained properly, you may notice that the temperature is not consistent from room to room, or season to season. Some rooms may be warmer than others in the summer, and colder than others in the winter. If you notice this in your home, the reason is probably because your attic insulation is uneven in some areas, or there is not enough insulation throughout the attic space.

At Priority Pest Services, attic insulation services and rodent exclusion is one of our specialties. No one likes laying in bed at night and hearing scratching up in the attic, or feeling those drafty spots throughout the home. We offer professional services to remove contaminated insulation due to rat and mice feces, using our special machines to make any attic that is infested with rats or mice look brand new.

Our professional team of pest technicians and inspectors are like no other, as they launch a targeted team effort to get your home straight. The inspector tracks down the pests, finding out where they are coming from, and then writes up a plan to get rid of them. Next, this customized plan is passed to the pest technician, and he shows up to perform the service.

The technician removes all the contaminated insulation and spray the entire attic with a certified disinfectant to kill off the diseases carried by rodents. Then, we go through the attic and find where they are entering, and seal up all the entry points so the pests cannot return. Last, we blow back in our new pest control treated insulation, so that even the other bugs will not want to enter your home. When we blow the new pest control treated insulation in, we do not just use the minimum R-38 (10”). Instead, we use a thicker layer of R-48 which is about (12”-14”) throughout the attic.

Whether your attic has some extra unwanted residents, or if you just need some standard attic insulation services to help with heating and cooling, or just to minimize the drafts, we can certainly handle that for you. Call or email us today for a FREE attic insulation inspection today!

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