Seasonal Pest Control & Home Protection Guide

Use the Seasonal Pest Control & Home Protection Guide to learn what times of the year you should watch for certain pests and home issues. Since moisture, fungus and home insulation issues can attract pests, we also offer you an additional variety of services to help you maintain and increase the value of your home.

Once you find a pest problem, the next step is to identify the pest, stop the infestation, assess and repair the damage and take preventative steps to avoid any future damage. Acting quickly to minimize any related pest or moisture problem saves on repairs. Priority Pest technicians are standing by ready to help your home get the pest control services it needs, and so well deserves.

Your best defense against pests, moisture damage and related perils is a quality home protection plan from Priority Pest Services. Don’t wait for damage to happen. Preserve your home now to save yourself a headache later! Protecting your home from pests helps maintain and increase its value. Give us a call at (757) 204-4523 to schedule a free home inspection, or contact us online to request an appointment.


In the U.S., termites cause $5 billion worth of damage to homes every year.

Termite problems can occur any month of the year.

We offer FREE home termite inspections. Ask about our termite protection plans.


Improper home insulation causes moisture damage and attracts pests.

Fall and Winter are common times for insulation problems.

Call Priority Pest for a FREE home insulation inspection.


Moisture causes fungus, wood rot, structural damage and attracts pests.

Moisture can ruin a home in a matter of months.

Priority Pest suggests yearly home inspections to look for moisture damage.

Common Ants

Whether carpenter, pharaoh, or fire ants, all are a widespread nuisance to home owners.

March through October are usually when ants will enter the home.

If ants are causing structural damage to your home, or are just a nuisance, Priority can help.

American Cockroaches

Samonella and other infections can be spread by roaches.

Homes are vulnerable to American cockroaches all months of the year.

Call Priority Pest to rid and protect your home from American roaches.

German Cockroaches

Roaches can cause poisoning or allergic reactions.

German cockroaches can invade a home any month of the year.

Priority Pest specializes in removal of German roach infestations.


A female house mouse can birth about six babies every three weeks.

Homes are vulnerable to rodents all months of the year.

Priority Pest knows where to look for the house mice and roof rats, and we get rid of them.


Fungus can grow at a relative humidity greater than 55 percent.

May through October are common times for home fungus problems.

Priority Pest offers home fungus inspections and treatments. Call today to protect your home now.


Black widow and brown recluse bites can be quite dangerous and even fatal to humans, or pets.

May through November are key times to be aware for spiders.

The spiders in your home have no chance to flourish with Priority Pest on your side.

Because we know all homes are different from one another, we offer a few different pest control services options for you. Contact Priority Pest Services, and we will come out for a free inspection.

Let our licensed professionals access the situation, and make a customized plan just for you and your home. We fix the problem the right way. Let us make you our #1 Priority! Contact us today to set up a free home inspection and learn more about our pest control services plan options.

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