Importance Of Winter Pest Control

Winter pest control is especially important to consider. It is the time of year most pests are trying to escape the cold. Pests don’t just die off in cold. Some go dormant and others will want to get into your home for shelter since the weather is always better inside! The number of typical warm weather pests may decrease during the winter months, yet most all can thrive inside your home through the cold seasons. This is good reason to have your home inspected to assure that you are in the best shape to keep these pests outside where they belong.

During the cold months but also continually throughout the year, rodents and other wildlife will look for unsecured entry points where they can enter your home. Only with the help of professionally trained pest technicians like our skilled team of quality pest control technicians and inspectors, will you be able to find all the areas that need to be addressed. How small a hole or gap can a pest use to enter your home? Even gaps as small as the size of a dime are ample room for a mouse to squeeze inside your home.

Many times, a home inspection will not find a live infestation but it commonly reveals past pest activity. Past pest activity will give the technician clues as to what areas of your home are vulnerable and need reinforcement. The importance of winter pest control is extremely important to assure year-round protection from pests.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter Pest Control - Roof RatDuring the colder months of the year, we suggest to perform a detailed inspection of your living spaces, your crawlspaces and other areas of your home on a routine basis.

The list of things you can do to help control pests in the cold months is similar to the list of things you can do during the warmer months.

  • Do routine inspections. Remove any pests found and treat any problem areas.
  • Repair any pest damages promptly. Repair damages promptly┬áto avoid attracting more pests.
  • Consult Priority Pest Services, your top local professional pest control company. Inquire about a year-round home pest maintenance and protection from Priority Pest Services.
  • Remove spider webbing and egg casings. Remove spider’s work from all areas of your home. If unattended, these eggs and webs will quickly multiply. They will hatch come Spring, if not before, so make sure to remove them promptly to avoid hundreds of baby spiders hatching in your pantry!
  • Store food items away from pests. Keep all food items tightly closed and stored properly. Don’t allow garbage and other food discards to accumulate in the home, or around the outside perimeter of your home.
  • Clean up porches and garages. Remove any old wasp nests, mud dauber nests, pest droppings or residue from your porches and garage areas. Old nests can attract new tenants. No need to continue to house generations of these insects. Let them go check-in to a “Roach Motel” instead.

Looking for help with winter pest control? Consult Priority Pest Services for a free, professional home inspection. Our trained eyes can find potential entry points that most homeowners, frankly, could look right at and might not realize. That is why our employees conduct weekly training to assure they are constantly reminded to stay aware and diligent to inspect to the finest detail. Give us a call at (757) 204-4523 to schedule an appointment for your free home inspection!