Opossums In Winter

Opossums in winter are a common sight for many homeowners. Like many creatures in the winter, they have a tough life. Their life can be a bit tougher because they do not hibernate nor do they migrate. Therefore, they must forage through the winter season in constant search of food, water and shelter. Due to the winter conditions and the opossum’s nature, although they are out and about year-round, most homeowners report seeing them more in the winter than other seasons of the year.

These scrappy marsupials have the potential to attack domestic animals or small children, as well as cause major property damage. Of course, all wildlife has its own place and order in the biological food chain and opossums in winter are no exception. Regardless, if an opossum is causing a situation that puts your family, or pets, in potential danger, it cannot be ignored.

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Habits of Opossums In Winter

Cold weather is a sign for the opossum to find a warm and dry place to spend winter vacation, and this is the time when they are more apt to seek shelter under our homes, in our attics, chimneys, or crawlspaces.

Some opossums come and go without any trouble, leaving only a few footprints as proof they were rummaging during the night. Many other opossums will visit without their presence ever being known. Yet, other opossums may end up causing all sorts of damage, and/or havoc. The concern with opossums is that you cannot predict what will happen. Some opossums will play dead in the event of surprise, or threat, while others may end up in a fight to the death. Stories of a threatening squirrel can be humorous, yet a cornered opossum that does not “play dead” can be very dangerous.

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